about us


We would like to introduce you to our TV show called INSPIRED BY HEARTS It’s a new philanthropic show created to show case philanthropists giving back to their communities, good people doing good for others, also shedding light on people in need connecting the two on one single platform called Inspired by Hearts TV Show, the show is aimed to inspire others to go out and put more good in both their communities as well as to others. The show is developed as an inspirational program for people to be inspired and to feel loved, the show focuses on incorporating philanthropy, inspirational techniques, all with a sense of love and giving back.

It’s a collaborative project between philanthropy & people in need (www.inspiredbyheartstvshow.com). Together, our program is geared toward empowering and inspiring those who are in need and philanthropists to be more conscious of others, knowledgeable of sustainability, and teaching a keen sense of self-worth.

We live in a society where leading by example is our legacy, we motivate, we inspire, we love and we always have one goal, to inspire and document 1 million people.

To sustain the future of philanthropy, we will prove a point that through philanthropic efforts we will change the world, allowing us to shape the future and create model citizens that contribute to society. Through our show, we will restore the hope in second chances, we will award each achievement and continue to setup ambitious goals because we always want philanthropy to be above everything else we do in life.