Anti-Homelessness initiative

Do you know how widespread the problem of homelessness is in the USA? On any given night?  more than 5 million Americans are forced to sleep out in the open or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program due to dire financial circumstances.

Indeed, millions of people are struggling everyday with unemployment, poverty, doubling up, skyrocketing housing cost burden, and ultimately finding themselves on the streets- helpless and unable to afford housing.

Almost everyone loses their job at some point of time in their life. The most important question that you should ask yourself today is “can we allow an unexpected downturn of our personal circumstances to bring us to the street”? Absolutely not. A single person cannot change the state of homelessness in America or elsewhere but “can you allow yourself to feel dis empowered and powerless”?

We, at ‘Inspired by Hearts’ are passionate to bring public awareness to this unfortunate situation (that can affect just about anyone including our loved ones) and respond to homelessness with a variety of services and programs to support the vulnerable and the voiceless.

‘Inspired by Hearts’ is a social welfare initiative founded by Alaa Hazazin that cares deeply about the rehabilitation and reintegration of thousands of homeless Americans back into the society so that they can fully enjoy functional lives.