sex trafficking

Inspired by Hearts treats this matter seriously, young girls are trafficked for many reasons, they are used in industries such as the adult, fake massages and strip clubs. Our show is a philanthropic show that emphasizes the importance of putting the young girls back into society as contributing model citizens and rewarding the organizations that engage In eliminating this epidemic by showing their stellar production into society by showing their work on our show.

In order for our initiative to be successful we have to clear the sources of sex trafficking which are recruiting, promoting and transportation sources, which are all done against the person's will.

Our methods are simple, they are to connect the victims with not only the right resources but also provide them with effective tools to be able to survive after the traumatic experiences they have gone through.

We as humans are born with the right to survive and exist and under no circumstance should any person be held to do or perform any act against their will.

If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance due to sex trafficking please click here and fill out the form with any supporting documents and we will contact you.